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Terror Below - Chapter 8: The Exterminator

Sebastian made a half-chuckle, but even in the darkness, Patricia noticed a sadness outlined his eyes by whatever light shone through the window. “I’m just worried about my parents. They’re old and can’t really take care of themselves.” Patricia felt her forehead furrow in concern. She didn’t think this would come to dying. She was lucky that her parents lived in New York, but she also didn’t want this to be the last time she could say bye to them. She drew out her phone and looked at it. No service. She turned the screen off and didn’t reveal any more information to Sebastian to keep him from worrying.

“We’ll figure out a way to get to your parents. In the meantime, how about I get you those two drinks I owe you?” Patricia proposed, and that seemed to make Sebastian smile. She turned on the flashlight app on her phone and beaconed it across the room to look for the mini fridge.

The phone illuminated the room, causing Patricia’s eyes to adjust to the shapes in the space. She saw an untouched night stand, where one of the beds was sitting next to, before they had violently shoved everything to do the door. She tiptoed over, avoiding the mess of furniture and pulled the drawer open. Inside, there were a few items—an old, tattered bible, some unwrapped mints, a notepad, and a small pistol. Patricia contemplated picking up the gun and waving it to Sebastian, just to say “I told you so”, but she refrained herself.


She took a quick check-in on Sebastian, who was hugging his legs, his face buried into his knees. She silently tucked the pistol into her jeans and covered her shirt over it. She walked closer to the back of the room, and found the mini fridge next to the bathroom.


She opened the fridge and grabbed a few small bottles—some were opened and half empty from the previous tenant.

Gross. This motel just keeps getting better.

Closing the fridge door, she caught sight of something in the bathroom in the back. She shone the light into the void and found the outline of a body in the bathtub. The face was twisted into a silent scream, the eyes rolled back to reveal the white and red sclera. The skin was a traumatizing green color, leaking a rose colored substance in the tub, thankfully containing it. Sprouting out of the torso and glued in place by a semi-transparent, gelatinous substance were several large eggs the size of Patricia’s arm. Water was dripping down from the faucet, making the sight even more like something from a horror movie.

After a few seconds, Patricia’s mind realized what she was looking at. Her heart fluttered in terror and she could feel the air rushing in and out of her lungs in quick succession. She dropped the bottles and walked quickly over to Sebastian.

“We have to go. We have to go now,” Patricia panicked.

“What? Why?”

Patricia pointed the light over to the bathroom for Sebastian to see. He squinted and walked over to get a closer look into the bathroom. It took a second before he also felt his heart sink into dread and he scrambled to move the furniture away from the door. The panic bubbled in both of them. They shoved the chairs off of the beds, breaking the cheap wooden frames. The adrenaline made them ignore the splinters until they finally pushed open the door.

Behind the door, they were met with a woman with a ponytail, a bullet-proof vest marked “FBI” and a large silver gun, which was definitely real. She was young, maybe in her thirties, with an angry look. Her clothes had been stained with the same bright pink substance that the two had seen from the tub. She looked like she had seen this kind of thing before and was the type of person who would end an action scene with a clever pun or a smart one-liner.

The woman spat out a piece of gum on the gravel outside the motel room, looked at the two survivors and cocked her gun ready, “Did someone call for an exterminator?”

-Banana Chan