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Terror Below - Chapter 13: Little Ms. Tentacles

Okay, that was absolutely terrifying and let’s never do that again.

Laura had just shot an adolescent version of Test Subject WR-002 and single-handedly taken it down, as it was about to strike. If she hadn’t moved first, she would’ve been dead. She swallowed a bit of vomit that had come up. There were flecks of bubblegum pink blood on her face. Her hand holding the gun trembled slightly as she relaxed it by her side. She pulled her sunglasses over her eyes to hide the fear and shock they were reflecting. She turned back to Patricia and Sebastian.

Alright, say something cool. Swallow your feelings.

“Thank god it’s Fry-day.”

Wow. That was stupid. Why did I get out of the house today?

The group stayed silent for a moment, before Patricia gave out a chuckle to cut the tension. Sebastian was still in shock with a black and white dog lying on top of him. It was obviously a little awkward. Laura mustered up the coolest, deepest voice, “What’s with the dog?” Patricia and Sebastian caught each other’s gaze for a moment then started talking over one another.


“Uh, well-”

“Yeah, the dog-”

“We found him.”

“He came to us.”

“At the Hospital.”

“And he’s so friendly and sweet.”

“Look at those eyes.”

“And also he found more eggs.”

“And then we found you with the Boomer.”

Laura held up a hand to silence the two. They had started making up names for the W.O.R.M.s. Apparently ‘Boomer’ was a little easier to remember than Test Subject WR-002. Still beat the media’s dubbing of WR-001 as ‘Blasters’. And honestly, she didn’t blame them. Since she first met Patricia and Sebastian, they did not cease to surprise her with their close friendship and goofball antics. Though she liked pretending to be vexed by their behavior, she actually enjoyed having them around. It was the only semblance of a relationship she could have outside of her coworkers. A part of her hoped that they would remain in contact after this was over. She peeked inside the bag and confirmed they were W.O.R.M. eggs. She shuddered, thinking about the new names for the test subjects. What name are they going to give WR-003?


“I think those are from a Little Ms. Tentacles,” Sebastian chirped, as if he had read her mind.

“Just Ms. Tentacles,” Patricia corrected him. How creative.

The bag was a decent weight. And if the two were right about the dog, he could really help them get all the eggs out of Golden Barrel before they hatch out of any more people. Hopefully, they could also get all the W.O.R.M.s before they can use more people as nests to lay their eggs. The dog caught Laura staring at him and he responded by making a really big dumb face, uncurling his tongue out of his mouth. Laura felt a smile creep over her face, which she quickly hammered back into a frown, “What’s his name?”

Neither of them had the time to find out earlier, so Patricia reached out to the dog’s collar to check, “Shep.”

“Alright, you two come with me and bring Shep along,” Laura waited for the two to cheer with excitement like two children getting permission from a parent. They did as she had expected and they scurried up onto their feet. Laura instructed them to carry the bag and she reloaded her high-tech silver gun. She reached out to take Patricia’s gun and flipped a latch. She handed it back to her, “Your safety was on.”

“Kids, follow close behind me. We’re headed to that car,” she pointed at a small green vehicle on the other end of the Hospital parking lot, in the middle of the war between agents and Boomers. The two gave an uneasy look; Sebastian looked like he might throw up. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die,” Laura said without a shred of doubt.

 - Banana Chan