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Terror Below - Chapter 12: Pack Leader

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Patricia pulled out a gun, as Sebastian tried to pull Shep into the Hospital to silence him. “Where the hell did you get that from?” Sebastian was referring to the pistol.

“Hey, you got a potato gun. Which is obviously not as compact, since it’s still stuck in your backpack,” Patricia stuck out her tongue.

“Not the right time for this, Pat! Shh, please stop barking! You’re gonna get us killed,” Sebastian growled, still trying to drag Shep into the building.

I understand you’re trying to protect me human, but it is I who should be protecting you. In Shep’s head, he was a valiant wolf, large and unwavering, unafraid of anything that stood in his way. And this time he would save his best friends from the mandibles of death. He wouldn’t make the same mistake as last time.

As Sebastian was trying to physically lift up Shep to keep him quiet—and Patricia was learning how to use a gun—one of the government agents heard the barking. She turned around to see Sebastian laid on the concrete sidewalk with Shep squirming in his lap and Patricia trying to figure out how to turn off the safety on her pistol. The agent continued shooting rays of green light at the monster, but was walking backwards to get to the civilians. She also noticed they had procured a bag of large eggs.

The two humans seemed to recognize the agent and began to communicate with her in human words. “Laura, we have a bunch of meds and this,” Pat lifted up the bag of eggs with one hand, another hand waving the weapon.

Before the new friend could respond, a scorpion-sandworm slithered its way behind her. Its jaws rattled, creating a strange cacophonous sound. Though it stood smaller than the others, it was still eight feet of threat above ground. The human spun around, shot two green lasers into the monster seamlessly, searing through its tough armor skin with such ease. It dropped to the ground, lifeless. The human looked so calm and relaxed as she moved her hand back down to speak with the others.

Shep had stopped barking. He felt his eyes watering, touched by the presence of this human. Some head beams from a car lit up behind her, causing a halo effect around her hairline. She reminded him of the brave dogs who saved humans that he had seen on television before on the farm. Such grace, such commanding. She must be pack leader.

The friend flipped a pair of sunglasses over her eyes and turned back to Shep and the humans, “Thank god it’s Fry-day.”

 - Banana Chan