Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis - headshot.jpg

Dicey Goblins

Steve loves sharing gaming experiences with friends and family so much that he left his high tech engineering career in the late 1990s and opened a retail store (Rainy Day Games). As the store prospered he had time for another passion that had been dormant since his childhood years – designing and developing games. He has worked with several hobby gaming companies on a wide variety of games and made so many wonderful friends that he can barely fathom doing anything else. When Steve isn’t working on a game you might find him at his store or at a hobby gaming event teaching others how to foster communities around their own Friendly Local Game Store. He is incredibly thankful to his family for helping him get to where he is today - specifically his wife Amy for doing pretty much anything required to help his business ventures run smoothly. Steve also enjoys disc golf and curling (yes, that strangely hypnotic game on ice).

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