Renegade Game Studi-Os Shirt

Exclusively at Gen Con! Pre-Order your Shirt for Pickup Now!

Remember when we announced the special Renegade Game Studi-Os?

Well as it turns out, our production facility that makes games wasn’t really capable of making cereal. It was a bummer, because we had already gone ahead and manufactured cereal boxes.

But all is not lost! We decided to fill cereal boxes with fantastic t-shirts, so gamers everywhere could proudly show their love of games and sugary breakfast treats!

These fantastic shirts will come packaged in cereal boxes, for easy transport and storage. Keep it in your kitchen cupboard, your gaming shelf, or your bedroom closet - the choice is yours!


  • Printed on 100% cotton

  • Sizes small to 3XL in Unisex & Ladies styles (click for size charts)

  • Full color print to show off your love of games and sweet breakfast treats!

  • Only available at Gen Con! Pre-order now!


  • Cereal box contains 1 t-shirt with a full color print.

Note: The t-shirt contained in the cereal box is not edible. Do not eat. Unless you’re stranded on a desert island. In which case, the biggest problem you’re facing isn’t whether or not to eat your t-shirt.

Shirt Artist

Eric Hibbeler

Graphic Design

Cold Castle Studios