Power Rangers: Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Storage Box

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Power Rangers: Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Storage Box


Includes all the Kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals from the Phase 1 Power Rangers Kickstarter!
Limited Quantities available!
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Includes all unlocked stretch goals and all Kickstarter Exclusives (except base game upgrades which are included in the base game)

Green with Evil Expansion
White Light Expansion
Wizard of Deception
6 Putty Patrollers
Pumpkin Rapper
5 Retro Ranger Cards
Hero Green Ranger
6 Tenga Warriors
Red Ranger Dragon Shield
Robo Goat
6 Super Putty Patrollers
Hero Ranger Slayer
Deluxe Storage Box
Alpha 5
Rita Repulsa Alternate Sculpt
White/Green Retro Cards
6 Z Putty Patrollers
Eye Guy
Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Kat Ranger Character Cards