Welcome Investigator.

You’ve heard rumors of ancient runes, forgotten maps, and the lost pages of a secret tome that tells of ancient monstrosities, calling for their return. You have finally set out to discover the truth. At first, the stories of those who went before you in this search didn’t worry you. The horrific tales of explorers losing their grip on sanity, you dismissed as mere fabrications.

Yet, as you pass onward, you can’t help but notice that you have begun to feel less attached to reality yourself. Some days you lose track of time and can’t account for hours of the day. What happens to you during these lost hours? Where do you go? And why can’t you remember?

The whispering of secret gates to another world - a world of ancient evil - grow stronger. Although no one knows who is building them, you have a dreadful hunch.

Could you be the unknown architect of these Gates of Delirium?

Find out in this mini-adventure, At the end of which you’ll use your investigator skills to enter to win a $100+ Game Bundle, including a copy of Gates of Delirium!

Full rules and regulations for this sweepstakes can be found here.

Venture forth, and begin your investigation.

Dossier 12.8.10-

You open up your case files. Within it you find a few pages of a secret tome and some map fragments. Reading the pages of the tome you’ve collected, you realize that it may be a warning heeding you to turn away.

But you can’t stop this investigation. You are the only one who can stop the monstrosities emerging from the horrifying portal. You harden your resolve to press on.

You receive a telegram from one of your sources:

Glowing stone with unidentified glyph located in Rockport.

What do you do?

(Select the image to choose your path.)