Your investigation continues.

You send your trusted investigator in Salem a telegram with specific instructions.

Secure the stone. Record the glyph. Return with findings.

You return to your investigation. Days and nights pass as you lose yourself in your studies. You stare at glyphs and struggle to translate ancient script. Scrawled words on yellowed pages begin to blur into each other from lack of sleep.

Your stomach grumbles. Instinctively, you reach for your cup of cold tea with ring stains along the porcelain and dab at the biscuit crumbs with your thumb. Your eyes, though, your eyes remain fixated on the monstrous illustration on your cluttered desk. Whispers twist and snake themselves inside your mind.

Your eyes water from strain. You reach into your pocket for a handkerchief, but instead pull out a glowing stone. You frown. What is this? Where did it come from? You pat around at your inside pocket and feel something rectangular. You pull it out – a bloodstained journal. Your breath catches. This is not good.

You contemplate how you came across the stone and journal. You rise from your chair and move bleary eyed to your bed, stone and journal in tow. Your foot catches on a stack of books and you hiss between your teeth as pain shoots up from your toe. You needed more room. Perhaps, you think as you sink against the crumpled pillows of your unmade bed, perhaps you could get rid of the bed. I always sleep when I need to.

It’s true: since you’ve started on this case you’ve found yourself waking up in strange places you don’t recall travelling to, but you’ve always chalked it up to your relentless to drive the investigation forward. I sleep when and where I need to and I don’t need a bed, you think as you excuse the times you found yourself waking up on a train heading somewhere or a park bench after being prodded awake by the local constabulary.

The stone grows warm in your hand, drawing your attention. You feel compelled to do something, while conversely transfixed by the glyph you know is important.


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