Your investigation continues.

You take a trip to Rockport.

You know these stones are important. Something inside of you tells you it is important you investigate it yourself, and you always trust your gut.

On the train to Rockport, you stare at the map pieces you’ve collected. You noticed that there’s a very specific building in Rockport that is circled in red. When did I mark that building?, you think to yourself, trying to remember why it was important.

Part of the reason you’ve learned to trust your gut in this case is that you’ve always intuitively known how to put the clues together, where to find missing pieces of the case.  You chalk it up to a late night of starring at archaic texts and newspaper clippings. It must have shown up in one of my news clippings, you think to yourself. I suppose I did need to investigate this building, you assure yourself, while trying to shake an ominous feeling about this whole situation.

You disembark the train at your destination at dusk, and head straight for the place marked on your map as night falls. Mercifully, the building is a short walk from the station. Not much further to go.