Paul Alexander Butler


Paul Alexander Butler has been involved with RPGs in some form or another most of his life. He has dabbled in every aspect of the hobby beginning as a player and now working his way through the industry to co-designer of Overlight. For more than 20 years, he has honed his craft in specialty retail and now owns one of the most incredible hobby store operations in the country, Games & Stuff in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a member of the GAMA Retail Board, he traveled around the country educating fellow retailers about how to create RPG communities, encourage new GMs, and offer everything necessary to be successful with RPGs. His blog RPGEvolution has been a popular repository of information and tips for gamers and store owners. He’s been a little busy recently with all the Overlight creation stuff but maybe he’ll get back to saving the RPG world soon!

Between his traveling and writing, Paul also helps out with the Origins Awards, Free RPG Day, and contract work for Cubicle 7. He’s a busy guy! There are very few people in the industry who have spent more time sharing their love for RPGs with the world! It seems fitting that he would finally get the chance to create his own.


      George Holland  and Paul Alexander Butler

     George Holland and Paul Alexander Butler