Releasing Today: Time Chase & Bargain Quest - Check Out the Reviews!

This week we're releasing 2 hotly anticipated games - Time Chase and Bargain Quest - to friendly local game stores everywhere!

Time Chase is a trick-taking game with a twist: 3-6 players play tricks in a timeline as the inventors of time travel! With this amazing technology at your fingertips, you can go back in time into past tricks and change the card you played into a past trick!

If you've even wished you could go back in time and change how you played a game, this is the perfect game for you! Highly anticipated by a number of reviewers including Man vs. Meeple and Game Boy Geek and positively reviewed by several reviewers including Chaz at Pair of Dice Paradice, this $20 small box game packs a lot of fun!

Check out the review and see how Time Chase plays with this quick playthrough featuring Becca Scott and Man vs. Meeple!

Bargain Quest is now available at friendly local game stores everywhere! In this game, you open up a shop, equipping adventurers as they try to take on monsters terrorizing your village! Sell them useful equipment that may help them on their journey: the gold in their pockets won't help them in battle, after all.

Some may prevail, some will not, though you'll always have their money and your tidy profits to remember them by.

Critically-lauded, Bargain Quest earned the Shut Up & Sit Down Recommends Seal - check out the review and stop by your local game store to get your hands on it!

Ask for these games at your friendly local game store today!

Tell us in the comments: What would you name your time travel machine and/or adventuring outfitter shop?