Renegade Game Studios To Release Breakfast Cereal "Renegade Games Studi-Os" to Friendly Local Grocery Stores


Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce plans to diversify its product offering to the gaming community with a new product vertical: breakfast cereal. Renegade's team recognizes breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and as it is also often the most fun-packed meal, this move is a natural, logical one. 

Tabletop games and breakfast cereal have many things in common including strong themes, compelling art, and delightful components within the box. After engaging in market research, Renegade Game Studios identified that 46% of gamers who responded to polling didn't consume breakfast cereal, making clear that there was a significant opportunity for a crossover product: a gaming-themed breakfast cereal.


"Renegade Game Studi-Os" will be a standalone breakfast product that is also a fully-compatible snack expansion for the entire Renegade Game Studios catalog. Dry cereal is an ideal food at the gaming table: it can be eaten without utensils and packs a flavorful punch without the risk of contaminating gaming boards and cards with undesirable cheesy dust or grease stains.

"We understand the importance of a balanced breakfast to the lives of gamers," says Renegade Game Studios President Scott Gaeta. "With this move into the cereal market, we can bring gamers together at the table to enjoy both food and games."

Renegade plans on making boxes of "Renegade Game Studi-Os" available for gamers to purchase at Gen Con. 

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