First look at Hex Roller with Suz Sheldon!

Last month we got advanced copies of an unannounced roll-and-write game. Of course, we had to send a copy this game to the biggest roll-and-write fan we know - Suz Sheldon! Spoiler alert: she loved it!

In Hex Roller, players will push their luck by drafting dice and filling in hexagonal spaces on their sheet, attempting to complete colored areas and create lines of identical numbers. The designer, Rustan Håkansson is no stranger to dice games, since he created Nations and its dice counterpart Nations: The Dice Game.

Hear more of Suz’s thoughts on the game during The Dice Tower Podcast here (54:50 mark)! If you like it as much as she did, you can pre-order a copy of the game here! Otherwise, you’ll be able to find it on retail shelves in May.