Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated - What The Early Reviews Are Saying

At the beginning of the month, our friends at Dire Wolf Digital unboxed a copy of Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated at the Renegade Rally at Gen Con, where we revealed and showcased a number of games and titles.

(You can watch the candid unboxing from Gen Con, courtesy of Man Vs. Meeple, below.)

The box is packed full of goodness, including a two-sided game board, a franchise board, 300+ cards, 100+ tokens, 140+ cubes, four player miniatures, one dragon miniature, a cloth dragon bag, sticker sheets, a rulebook, a Book of Secrets, and much more!

There was a lot of excitement around the game after the unboxing, for good reason! We provided some early samples of Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated to a few board game media outlets, giving them a chance to experience the game.

Dice Tower played through a few sessions and put out a first impressions video, and Man Vs. Meeple played through the entire campaign and released a review.

Both outlets enjoyed the game thoroughly, and both described it as an incredible legacy experience!

Check out the videos below:

“This is my favorite legacy experience.”

- Tom Vasal, Dice Tower

“ This is a fantastic legacy game - can’t recommend it enough.”

- Jeremy Salinas, Man Vs. Meeple

Slated for release towards the end of the year, you’ll want to ask your friendly local game stores about it, and reserve your copy. If you and your gaming group happen to be fans of Clank! or legacy games, this would be a delightful holiday gift to share.

Sound off: what would you name your Acquisitions Incorporated franchise? Tell us in the comments!