Debuting at Essen 2019 and Friendly Game Stores this Week: Circadians: First Light!

In case you missed it, this week we launched Circadians: First Light, a dice worker placement game!

Designed by S.J. Macdonald, a co-designer of Architects of the West Kingdom and Paladins of the West Kingdom, , the aim of Circadians: First Light is to lead a team of researchers on the planet of Ryh. Players need to manage their crew (dice) to visit various parts of the planet for trade, farming, construction and research. Players score points for negotiating with the locals, harvesting resources for the depository, upgrading their research base, exploring the planet, and collecting gems. The game is played over eight rounds. At the end of the final round, the player with the most points wins.

The early reviews of the game have been really positive, with Rhado Runs Through really enjoying it:

Mandi and other Dice Tower fans playing Circadians: First Light at Essen Game Fair

We debuted this game at Essen Game Fair this week, and have players from around the world getting their first taste of the game, including Mandi Hutchinson!

You don’t have to travel all the way to Germany to get your hands on this game - it’s available at your friendly local game stores now!