Keep up with everything Bargain Quest in 2019!

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you’re outside sweeping the front steps of your humble adventuring shop. It’s another calm, early morning. At least, that is until the adventurers start clambering at your window, pushing through the door looking for the hottest deals on the limited edition Super-Mega Warrior Sword you have on display.

Bargain Quest is one of our most-anticipated releases for 2019. In this game of adventure and capitalism, you’ll be running your own retail shop, peddling your wares to aspiring heroes. Draw them in with a fancy display and make them empty their pockets for gear and goodies!

“From the beginning this game was about getting a different perspective on the classic fantasy genre. With all these stories about brave heroes going on adventures, we often overlook the small personal stories happening with our non-player characters! With Bargain Quest, I wanted players to really get a chance to dive into a new angle on the classic RPG formula!” - Designer Jonathan Ying

It’s even grown into its own gaming world with several expansions, and it doesn’t even release until May! We previously announced the Black Market expansion, which adds new shops, new Heroes, and a new way to add stock to your store. Chaotic Goods replaces Heroes in the base game with new cards, featuring illustrations by 20 different guest artists. Like the name suggests, Solo Mode, adds new rules and cards for solo play.

“The art for the base game and the Black Market Expansion is entirely done by Victoria Ying, an immensely skilled veteran Visual Development artist who also happens to be my sister. However we knew early on we wanted to bring attention to other artists and see what other visions might be possible in the Bargain Quest universe! The Chaotic Goods pack in particular features a huge array of fantastic guest artists from all over the place. Each of them bringing their own unique aesthetic spin to the game!”

We are also adding three more mini-expansions to the game! Each of these different packs add characters from your favorite webcomics to the Bargain Quest world. Now you can play with Heroes from Table Titans, 8-Bit Theater, and Acquisitions Incorporated! Retailers will be able to order these items together in a fancy countertop display to keep the packs organized. Since this is a game revolving around retail, it only makes sense for us to make a product that helps support our retail partners!

“There have been webcomics about games pretty much as long as the internet has existed and they’ve done a lot to shape a lot of the humor and jokes that still exist in the gaming space today! We wanted to sort of honor that legacy and realized it would be a good fit for Bargain Quest since there’s a pretty core humor to a lot of the gameplay and the mechanics!”

We’ll have several opportunities for you to demo the game at the Origins Game Fair in June. Stop by our booth and grab a seat at one of the many tables we’ll have dedicated to the game! If you pre-order the game and expansions, you can even pick them up at the show and avoid paying shipping fees!

In August at Gen Con, designer Jonathan Ying will have signing sessions for the game! Register for the event online (tickets open on May 19) and say hi! You can find him in our event room on Thursday, August 1 from 1pm-2pm and Friday, August 2 from 1pm-2pm.

“I truly love going to events and interacting with fans. There’s nothing more invigorating to me as a designer. We get so many lovely and fascinating comments and reviews online, but there’s nothing like getting to thank fans and players in-person for their dedication and enthusiasm for this game we made!”