What Gamers Are Saying About Bubble Tea


Fans of accessible, adorable, real-time games are loving Bubble Tea, which is releasing to a friendly local game store near you today! We sold out of the game at both UK Games Expo and Origins Game Fair, and this game is sure to be another delightful game you’ll pull out time and again to play with your family and friends of all ages.

Here’s what some gamers have said about Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea is so fun, and I just love, love, love the theme! Seeing a mainstream board game company create a game about a possibly niche food theme — but one that’s been a major part of my life — just warms my heart. Bubble Tea is perfect to bust out with your friends at the boba cafe or when you need a quick filler for up to five people.

—Meeple Lady, Shaken Boba, Not Stirred

Overall, I think Bubble Tea is pretty great! It’s nice to have a go-to light real-time game that’s not the thinkiest. It’s not very stressful partially because it plays so quickly, which I appreciate, and it’s got a bright, vibrant theme, which looks great on the table. Plus, it’s fundamentally kind of a silly game, and I always appreciate that! I’m glad Renegade brought it over for wider distribution; I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, and I’m pleased to see that it didn’t disappoint.

—Eric Yuko, What’s Eric Playing

Want a quick video run down of the game? Check out Jambalaya Plays Games’ video shot from Origins Game Fair!

Be sure to drop by your friendly local game store to pick up this delightful game!


Let us know in the comments: what’s your favorite flavor of bubble tea! When you’re done, check out our Renegade Guide to Gen Con 2019!