What Gamers Think About Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky - Review Roundup


Lantern Dice: Lights in the Sky is hitting friendly local game store shelves everywhere on the 19th of this month, with a special early release at select friendly local games stores today! Here’s a Rules School video from Dan King of Game Boy Geek to show you how the game works:

Now that you know how the game plays, here’s what a few reviewers have said about the game:

We really enjoyed it!”

I’m really liking the game. Absolutely a great roll & Write Game.”

- Mandi Hutchinson and Suzanne Sheldon, The Dice Tower Podcast (Episode 606)

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“I think it’s a game you’re really going to enjoy.”

- Glenn Flaherty, Board Games And Bourbon

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“If you’re a big fan of Lanterns, you’re looking for a roll and write with great art, or you want a game with some dice drafting and interaction, Lanterns; Lights in the Sky might be a great fit for you!”

- Eric Yuko, What’s Eric Playing

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“Overall, this is a great little puzzle-y dice game that allows for some mitigation of luck of the dice (always a must for enjoyment) and will be a great one for repeated plays.”

-Nicole Hoye, Daily Worker Placement

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