CLIPCUT PARKS Takes Scissors to the Roll & Write Genre

Swapping writing instruments with scissors, we’re cutting a new path into the genre!

We are so thrilled to announce an innovative take on the roll-and-write genre with ClipCut Parks! Designed by Shaun Graham and Scott Huntington, this game will be releasing in Q4 of 2019, will play 1-4 players aged 8+ in 30 minutes.

In Clipcut Parks, the mayor has called on you to create a set of gorgeous parks to beautify the urban landscape. With a pair of scissors in a plan, use your snipping talents clip a park full of dazzling, colorful features!

Players will race to be the first to finish 5 parks. They’ll roll, cut and build their way to victory!

clipcut back no UPC.png

Dan Bojanowski, Senior Game Producer at Renegade Game Studios said, “We love roll and write games, and we hope gamers will get hooked into the unique gameplay and the delightful physicality.” Fans can look for it to arrive on game store shelves in Q4 of this year.

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