Renegade Game Studios At Origins: Games, Events & Awards in Spotlight!

We’re here at Origins Game Fair, demoing games at Booth #713 in the exhibitor’s hall and running RPG events in the Champaign Room and we’d love to see you! Come say hi and check out these exciting highlights!

Get Your Hands On These New Games Before Their Official Release!

We’ve got a number of exciting titles available at Origins before their release date! Check these exciting titles and get them early!

Games in Focus: Demo Exciting Titles Every Morning!

Every morning between 10 AM and 1 PM we’re focusing on different games! Come back each day to try something new, and drop by in the afternoon to get your hands on a variety of other games!

Thursday June 13th: Lanterns Dice & Proving Grounds

Sunday June 16th: Arboretum

Saturday June 15th: Architects of the West Kingdom

Check out our Origins Awards-Nominated Games!


We’re excited to share the news that two of our games, The Tea Dragon Society Card Game and Spy Club have been nominated by the The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design for the Origins Awards in the Family Game category!

We are so proud of the designers whose work brings families together around the gaming table, and thrilled their work is being recognized by The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. We are honored to have a part in bringing them to the world so gamers who are young or young at heart can enjoy them.

Fans who are attending Origins Game Fair can pick their fan favorite in each category while at the convention. Cast your vote for the Origins Awards in Hall B 1166 and receive a free generic ticket! We hope you support these fantastic Renegade Game Studios games!

Join us for amazing RPG adventures on Free RPG Day!


We’re running special Free RPG Day modules for Kids On Bikes and Outbreak: Undead.. as well as a special Origins-original adventure for Overlight RPG!


We’re really excited to see you at Origins! Be sure to come by and say hi at booth #713!