What Gamers have to say about Revolution of 1828 - Review Roundup

In case you missed it, Revolution of 1828s release is just around the corner, hitting friendly local game store shelves on the 29th! Designed by Stefan Feld, this 2-player game sets the two players in the historic American election of 1828, where players, as John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, must win over the electorate in four different regions of the US, as well as the favor of the press (this was America's first smear campaign, after all).

The game made Geek & Sundry’s list of most anticipated games for 2019, and we’ve gotten some early copies to some of your favorite content creators!

“Lost of decisions and lots of gamesmanship” was one review takeaway by Jeremy and Kira of Man Vs. Meeple: they appreciated how the game had many hidden layers of strategy, was thematic, and was easy to teach and learn.

Both Suz and Mandi of the Dice Tower Podcast was able to get the game on the table last week, and it looks like they both had fun! We’re looking forward to hearing their full thoughts on a future episode.

The game is now available at your friendly local game store! Ask for it there!