Atlas: Enchanted Lands Releases September 20th

San Diego, CA (August 9, 2017) Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announce that Atlas: Enchanted Lands, designed by J. Alex Kevern (World’s Fair 1893, Sentient), will be releasing to hobby stores worldwide on September 20th.

Atlas_3DBox_RGB square.png

This 4 player, hand management strategy game is filled with fantastic art by Beth Sobel. Players will discover the magic of an enchanted forest. Play cards to reveal a certain place and time -- and place your stake in one of the two. Explore a location at dawn, day, sunset, and night, or see what the whole land looks like in the dark. Each card offers two choices, and it’s up to you to uncover the world that awaits. Players will be challenged to predict the time and place that will be uncovered first and cards laid on the board will complete sets. Players will score points if they’ve deduced correct combinations of cards. 

Look for this and more wonderful games at your friendly local retailer on September 20th. Find out more about Atlas: Enchanted Lands here.