The Fox in the Forest releases July 19th!

San Diego, CA (June 21st, 2017) Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announce that The Fox in the Forest, designed by Joshua Buergel, will be releasing to hobby stores worldwide on July 19th. This two-player trick-taking game is co-published with Foxtrot Games (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, World’s Fair 1893) and is filled with charming art by Jennifer L. Meyer. Players will need to carefully choose their cards in this dynamic game with non-linear scoring. While anyone who has played trick-taking games will find it familiar and easy to understand, the special abilities on the cards and the unique scoring bring a delightful fresh look to an ancient genre.  

Look for this and more great games at your friendly local retailer on July 19th. Find out more about The Fox in the Forest here.