Renegade Games Growing Worldwide

After just 2 years of producing unique and accessible games, Renegade Game Studios has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for localization of many of its most popular titles. Renegade is pleased to announce these partnerships that will bring its titles to fans across the globe.

Additions to its international catalog include Clank!, Lotus, World's Fair 1893, FUSE, and Lanterns in more languages. Until now, players were only able to enjoy Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and World's Fair 1893 in other languages besides English. With this announcement, there are now 5 Renegade games being offered in 11 unique languages.

The following is a list of the new games that will be translated, the regions where they will be offered, and the partners who will be offering these titles.

Clank! A Deck Building Adventure
Poland: Lucrum
Brazil – Conclave Editora
China – MYBG
Czech Republic – REXhry
Germany – Schwerkraft Verlag
France – Origames
Hungry - Reflexshop Kft.

Czech Republic – REXhry
China – Go Kids
Japan – Hobby Japan




World’s Fair 1893
China – Go Kids
Poland - Portal
Germany - dlp Games




Brazil – Conclave Editora
China – Board Game Leisure
Poland – Portal



Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
Brazil – Devir
Russia – Crowd Games
Germany - Pegasus Spiel
Korea - Korea Boardgames co.
France - Matagot
Netherlands - White Goblin Games
                                         Poland - Games Factory



Stay tuned for announcements from the publishing partners listed above for release dates in your local market.