Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmare to Haunt Fans Next Year!

San Diego, CA (Oct. 31st, 2017) Renegade Game Studios, a premier board game publisher, and Fox Tale Games, a growing Australian design studio, are thrilled to announce the upcoming horror game, Lucidity, Six-Sided Nightmare. Designed by first-time creator, Shannon Kelley, this fast-paced push-your-luck dice game tempts players to roll their dice, collecting dreams and gaining power. Players that cannot balance the shadowy monsters' influence will become twisted Nightmares - attacking their former friends and preventing them from gaining more power.  William Webb’s unique art will draw players into this vivid world!

You have the ability to enter the dream world: a world of vivid hallucinations and horrific monsters. Draw power from the Nightmares that live there, but do not let them corrupt you. For there are other Dreamers seeking power this night, and there is only room for one to escape from the realm of Nightmares.

Should you become corrupted and turn into a Nightmare yourself, you must hunt down the other Dreamers and consume their power. When the night is over, only one Dreamer or Nightmare will be left standing.

“We love the sense of anticipation created by this game,” explains Scott Gaeta, President of Renegade Game Studios. “The horror theme, push-your-luck, and brilliant art all meld together to create a memorable and intense play experience.”

Lucidity will be available at local games stores in Q1 2018. One to four players, ages 14 and up, will battle to collect dreams, gaining power as they work towards escaping the dream world in about 20-30 minutes.  


  • 80 custom dice!
  • 1x Black Bag
  • 4x Dreamer Cards
  • 5x Nightmare Cards
  • 4x Turn Summary Cards
  • 4x Glass Sleep Markers
  • 1 Rulebook

Find out more about Lucidity here and Fox Tale Games here.