Dokmus and Return to Erefel Available Q1!

San Diego, CA (Oct. 24th, 2017) Renegade Game Studios, a premier global board game publisher, is proud to announce a continued partnership with Renegade Game Studios will be bringing Dokmus and the expansion, Return of Erefel to hobby stores in North America in Q1 2018. Both games will maintain their unique game design and art throughout the product. 



Lead your tribe to glory on the island of Dokmus and become a legend! The island is represented by eight double-sided map pieces. During set-up, you randomize which side of each map piece is up and place them in a 3x3 grid so that the middle place is left empty.

The island is guarded by five Guardians, which are represented by Guardian cards. On each turn, players draft the Guardian cards so that each player gets the help of one Guardian. The Guardian cards decide turn order and they also give you special powers. With them, you can move and rotate, move your tokens, or gain first player marker for next turn.

On your turn, you have three tokens to use. You use tokens to spread your influence by placing them on the board. You can also sacrifice tokens to be able to cross waters or enter forests. Or you can just sacrifice them in a volcano. At the end of the game, you get victory points for discovered temples and ruins on the map as well as sacrificed tokens.

The layout of the islands changes constantly based on player actions, making Dokmus a dynamic, fast-paced game. So choose your Guardian, make the right sacrifices, and gain the favor of Dokmus!


  • Lead your tribe to glory on the island of Dokmus!
  • Draft cards to gain special powers each round!
  • Place your tokens carefully to spread your influence!
  • Shifting tiles create a great challenge!
  • Ideal for 2-4 players, ages 10+.  Played in 20-40 min.

Find out more about Dokmus here!

Dokmus expansion flat front box.jpg

Dokmus: Return of Erefel

Erefel is one of the original guardians of the island of Dokmus. His task was to help the expeditions to the island in crossing the stormy waters and showing them the way into the dark forests. But he neglected his task, leading to the expeditions suffering. As punishment Erefel was banished from the island. He would not be allowed to return until he was ready to help the expeditions again.

Erefel spent many years trying to find ways to make life easier for the worshippers arriving to the island. After traveling far he found a more advanced culture, which had developed roads that would survive even the harsh conditions of the island of Dokmus. After presenting his findings to Dokmus, Erefel was allowed to return to his position.

This is an expansion! Dokmus is required to play.


  • Return to the island of Dokmus for greater challenges!
  • A new Guardian offers an extra power choice during drafting! 
  • New map tiles and scenarios add depth to the game!!
  • Shifting tiles create a great challenge!
  • Ideal for 2-4 players, ages 10+.  Played in 20-40 min.

Find out more about Dokmus: Return of Erefel here!

Both games will be available in Q1 2018 through Renegade Game Studios and were created in partnership with