Lanterns Expansion Hobby Exclusive Program Announced

San Diego, California (September 10th, 2016) - Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announced a brick and mortar exclusive program for Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts during the holiday season. This first expansion to the incredibly popular Lanterns: The Harvest Festival will only be available for purchase through dedicated physical hobby retailers until its full launch in 2017.

Stores will be invited to order 12 or more copies of Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts from their favorite distributor and will receive them in early December at the height of the holiday shopping season.

“When we released Lanterns in 2015, local hobby stores embraced it and we owe a lot of its success to the enthusiasm of these businesses. We’re very excited to be offering these same stores an exclusive chance to sell the expansion during the holidays,” explains Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Renegade Game Studios.

Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts is an expansion that adds new resources, pavilions, and goal cards to Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. While adding a bit more complexity to the game, players will still enjoy the elegant simplicity of this tile placement game.

This promotion is available only to brick and mortar stores while supplies last. Stores with any questions about the promotion are encouraged to contact Sara Erickson via the contact page.