Lanterns on TableTop Season 4!

Season 4 of the hit series, TableTop, is now live with the first episode posted this morning! Wil Wheaton battles against a group of his close friends in an epic game of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival! Spoiler alert! #BeccaCheats!

There are some big changes coming to TableTop this season with the launch of a new service Alpha. Legendary, the owner of Geek & Sundry announced in September that they will be offering this paid subscription service for many of the beloved shows under the G&S umbrella to keep them on the air. As a chance to try out this new format, the first two episodes of TableTop are being offered for free. 

So, here's your chance to check our what the crew at TableTop has been up to and what Alpha is going to mean to gamers everywhere. 

Check out the full episode here!