Lanterns Featured at Geek & Sundry Game Night in December!

With the year winding down, now is as good as time as ever to gather around the table, bring family and friends together, and start rolling some dice. Yes, I’m talking about Geek & Sundry’s Game Night: Holiday Edition happening on December 9th from 6:30 – 10:00 PM. As with last time, you’ll be able to find other people who love board games just as much as you do as you play at one of your friendly local game shops. There will be games to try out, prizes to win, and a few unexpected events that you need to be there to experience.

The huge turnout last time helped us in finding even more local stores across the United States to help support this great celebration of gaming. We would like to roll our list of participating stores and thank them for all of their help.

Geeky Teas | Burbank, CA
Next Gen | Los Angeles CA
GameHaus Cafe | Los Angeles, CA
Six Feet Under Games | New Holland, PA
Haunted Game Cafe | Fort Collins, CO
Paradox Comics-N-Cards | Fargo, ND
Dragon’s Lair | San Antonio, TX
Kingsmakers | Columbus, OH
Hat’s Games | Tucson, AZ
Heroes and
Villains | Tucson, AZ
UncommonsNYC | New York, NY
Game Night Games | Salt Lake City, UT
Meta-Games Unlimited | Springfield, MO
Fort Zinderneuf Games and Hobbies | Fayetteville, AR
Game HQ | Oklahoma City, OK

We look forward to seeing you at the next event. Bring your friends, family, and your love of tabletop gaming. While you’re there, make sure you tweet us with the hashtag (#GnSGameNight) and send us pictures of the event. We want to see your favorite new game that you played. You don’t have to know how to play every game there; this is your chance to try out a new game and maybe add something to your holiday wishlist.

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