Pre-order Your Games for Pickup at UK Games Expo & Origins Game Fair!

Hello Renegades! Convention season is upon us and we're looking forward to meeting you at upcoming events. If you're heading to UK Games Expo or Origins Game Fair, both of which are just a few short weeks away, you can pre-order your games!

Board Game Geek has pre-order system that is set up with a few select games for Origins, but if you want to check out all the titles we'll have at our booth, visit our UK Games Expo and Origins Game Fair pre-order pages, where you can pre-order the games you want to pick up. 

When you order, your games will be waiting for you! We’ll have several games available early as well as in-demand award-winning games, including Lanterns Dice, Proving Grounds, and Architects of the West Kingdom!

We don’t want you to miss out on getting your hands on these games, so if you pre-order, your game will be set aside and waiting for out at the Renegade Booth for pickup at your leisure. Avoid the hassle of trying to get into the exhibitor hall early to snag the games you want!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Storm the North Sea in the North Sea Epilogues RPG & With The Raiders of the North Sea Playmat

The North Sea Epilogues RPG
Pre-Order Now!

Vikings, grab your shield and weapon of choice, and venture onto the North Sea in this new RPG! Designed by Tim and Kristin Devine, and published in partnership with Garphill Games, this roleplaying game is set in the North Sea universe of games, including the award winning Raiders of the North Sea.

As with the board games set in the same universe, Epilogues is based loosely in history. While heroes won't be fighting ice giants and other mythological creatures, they may still believe in such beings and unworldly forces. Create heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover mysteries and gain reputation. The possibilities are endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the longboats and prepare to forge an exciting and epic saga! 

Get your sea legs ready and pre-order your copy of the North Sea Epilogues now, or learn more about the RPG!

If that isn’t enough to scratch your itch to adventure in the North Sea, the new Raiders of the North Sea playmat may well be the perfect accessory to get you ready to raid!

This premium upgrade features the original board elements of the base game, plus all additional elements from both Hall of Heroes and Fields of Fame and is designed to be used in place of your regular folding board. We’ve moved a few items around to make better use of the space, especially below the village area. This now allows space to house all cards and tiles, rather than having them off the board.

The mat comes with a premium grey stitching around the edges to ensure the top layer doesn't peel off over time.

Raiders of the North Sea Playmat
Pre-Order Now!

Revolution of 1828 - Reviews & Hot Takes

In case you missed it, Revolution of 1828s release is just around the corner, hitting friendly local game store shelves on the 29th! Designed by Stefan Feld, this 2-player game sets the two players in the historic American election of 1828, where players, as John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, must win over the electorate in four different regions of the US, as well as the favor of the press (this was America's first smear campaign, after all).

The game made Geek & Sundry’s list of most anticipated games for 2019, and we’ve gotten some early copies to some of your favorite content creators!

“Lost of decisions and lots of gamesmanship” was one review takeaway by Jeremy and Kira of Man Vs. Meeple: they appreciated how the game had many hidden layers of strategy, was thematic, and was easy to teach and learn.

Both Suz and Mandi of the Dice Tower Podcast was able to get the game on the table last week, and it looks like they both had fun! We’re looking forward to hearing their full thoughts on a future episode.

The game is going to release at the end of the month. Be sure to ask your friendly local game store about it!

Patty Wainwright and Dan Blanchett Join The Renegade Game Studios Team

San Diego, CA (May 3, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™, a premier publisher of innovative games, is pleased to announce that the Renegade Studios Team has grown: Patty Wainwright as Conventions Manager and Dan Blanchett Development Coordinator. 

Patty Headshot.png

Patty Wainwright is an industry veteran and has worked in the tabletop gaming industry for almost ten years.

She is co-owner of a friendly local gaming store in Boise, ID and has also been helping run a small gaming convention there for the past 4 years.

Patty has been part of the Renegade Demo Team since 2016, and you may have seen her at Origins, Gen Con or Essen Spiel in the past. 

She is thrilled to be taking a larger role in planning and administration for Renegade Games at trade shows and conventions, including the management of our incredible demo team. "I am so grateful for each member of our demo team. They work hard to make these events enjoyable for fans, and we couldn't do this without them." 

If you're interested in helping her at a future convention, you apply to be a part of our demo team by filling out the demo team application form


Dan Blanchett has worn many hats, having worked as a broadcast journalist, video editor, web developer, and set photographer. He turned his attention to the tabletop industry in 2014 and never looked back.

In the last 5 years he’s freelanced as a game designer, art director, and graphic designer for companies like Foxtrot Games, Plaid Hat Games, Breaking Games, and many Kickstarter-centric publishers. 

Dan will be involved in game development and facilitating playtests at the Renegade Game Studios office in San Diego, helping to build and support the local design and development community. Dan said of his new position: "I’ve been a fan of Renegade and their impressive library for a long time. To be able to work with such a great team and help make their games a little better is a wonderful opportunity!"

Of the new additions to the team, President and Publisher of Renegade Game Studios Scott Gaeta said, "I'm thrilled to have such talented, skilled, and experienced people join the team. Both Patty and Dan bring expertise that will help us grow our community of gamers, and the team is excited to have them join us." 

Conquer Your Rivals in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

We are excited to announce Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne, a standalone strategic deckbuilding card game coming in August! Playing 2-4 players aged 12+ in 30-45 minutes, you’ll jump into this rich world of six-shooters and sorcery where the Eternal Throne sits empty as scions of the royal family struggle for control.


We’ve once again teamed up with our friends at Dire Wolf Digital Studios to bring this incredible game to your gaming table. Based on Dire Wolf’s popular digital strategy card game Eternal (and designed by the Dire Wolf Digital team that designed Clank! A Deckbuilding Adventure), you’ll summon powerful allies to attack your opponents, or build an unbreakable defense.


If you’re a fan of strategy card games, head-to-head battle games, deck building games or collectible card games, you’ll definitely want to check this game out. Will you exhibit patience and seek the power of the Eternal Throne, or forgo such a risky path? The decisions are yours in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

Expect this standalone game at your friendly local gaming store in August!

Hex Roller Available In Stores Today!

Hex Roller is now available at your friendly local retail stores today! players will push their luck by drafting dice and filling in hexagonal spaces on their sheet, attempting to complete colored areas and create lines of identical numbers. The designer, Rustan Håkansson is no stranger to dice games, since he created Nations and its dice counterpart Nations: The Dice Game.

We’re not the only ones who enjoyed the game:

Hear more of Suz’s thoughts on the game during The Dice Tower Podcast here (54:50 mark).

Be sure to stop by your friendly local gaming store to get your copy!

Show Your Gamer Colors With Pride With Special-Edition Overlight Shirts!

At Renegade Game Studios, we strive to create games that support our values of inclusion and respect. One of our main beliefs is that gaming is for everyone no matter their gender, race, or identity. 

To that end, we're launching this fundraiser in support of Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the largest organization in Ohio solely dedicated to serving and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies. The great people at this organization assist LGBTQIA+ youth in transitioning into adulthood by providing them with education, community, and empowerment. 

Net profits of the sale of these shirts will go to KYC so they can continue their impactful work in the community. See how they've helped youth in Columbus:

The shirt design is based off the World of Overlight - a kaleidoscopic fantasy RPG where Skyborn heroes harness and channel the powers of the rainbow spectrum of light to perform incredible feats. The world of Overlight is profoundly universalist and inclusive, making room for players to see Skyborn versions of themselves in this brilliantly colored world of magic (which you can learn more about here). 


The shirt design is based off the World of Overlight - a kaleidoscopic fantasy RPG where Skyborn heroes harness and channel the powers of the rainbow spectrum of light to perform incredible feats. The world of Overlight is profoundly universalist and inclusive, making room for players to see Skyborn versions of themselves in this brilliantly colored world of magic (which you can learn more about here).

You'll be able to pick up your shirt from the Renegade booth at Origins, or have the shirts shipped to you. One of the biggest US board game conventions falls on the same weekend as the Columbus Pride Festival, making it the perfect time to show off your gamer colors. 

We look forward to celebrating pride with you in Columbus or wherever you are! 

Thank you for your support! 

Sling Boba Drinks With Cute Ingredients In Bubble Tea


Boba drinks have never looked so cute! In Bubble Tea, from designer and illustrator AzaChen, you take on the role of a bubble tea shop owner, racing to satisfy thirsty customers.

You can play solo, or with up to four friends (who become rival bubble tea shop owners) in two game modes. Inside the box you'll find a shaker and dice, which you use to shake and roll, which shows the customer's order. You'll then race by using tea base cards and transparent ingredient cards to match the order. You'll want to be both fast and accurate, as customers can be particular about how their drinks are mixed.

You can finish the game in 20 minutes, and despite having mixed a ton of drinks, you'll want to throw the ingredients back in the shaker and play it again.