Join the Scavenger Hunt for your Survival!

The world is overrun with undead. Humanity has turned on one another as society collapses. You are one of those lucky few survivors… you have many choices ahead.

To celebrate the early release of the second edition of the survival horror adventure, Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide, Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios are hosting an epic, convention-wide scavenger hunt at Gen Con 2018!

Every participant will need their own IR badge, or Infection Status Indicators (I.S.I.), that they can purchase at the Renegade Game Studios booth #2209 for $10. If you purchase a copy or pick up a pre-order of the Outbreak: Undead Survivor’s Guide, you will get the I.S.I. for free!


Will you be a vicious vigilante, plundering and doing whatever it takes to survive? Or will you do your best to preserve civilization, even at the cost of your own life?

Once activated, your I.S.I. will show a green light. Congratulations! You’re a human! But humanity doesn’t last forever, not in this world… Beware of I.S.I. with red lights. Get too close and you risk infection. You’ll have a few moments to distance yourself from the infected participant, then your I.S.I. will TURN YELLOW. At that point you'll have 15 minutes to come back to the Aid Station at the Renegade event space (Hall C). Otherwise you’ll become infected for that day’s challenge.


Take control of your future! Fight the undead and protect what is yours! But before that, make sure you have a plan.

Use the map given to you when you receive your badge to find base stations around the convention. Each day of Gen Con, there will be nine active stations. Visit the social media pages for Hunters Entertainment (Facebook, Twitter) each morning to find out which stations you'll need to check in to that day. Simply scan your I.S.I. to check in to a station. Visit all of the active stations for a day and your I.S.I. will change from green to white, granting you Doctor status. Return to the Hunters home base at the Renegade Game Studios booth #2209 to be entered into that day’s raffle for the grand prize - a survival kit valued at over $350!

The survival kit will include:

  • A copy of the Outbreak: Undead - Survivor's Guide!
  • Rothco Molle Backpack
  • Firestarter
  • HandWarmers
  • Trench Shovel
  • Wire Saw
  • Camping Rope
  • 2 Person Shelter
  • Camping Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket Pliers/Multi-tool
  • Hammer/Axe Combo Tool
  • Compass/Binoculars Combo Tool
  • Machete

Sling words and swords in Spell Smashers!

San Diego, CA (July 16th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ is excited to announce a new word- and sword-slinging game — Spell Smashers! This title is designed by Christopher Chung, designer of award-winning Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. It also boasts a notable artist, The Mico, renown for his work on the North Sea Trilogy. The two combined create a product bursting with dynamic visuals and engaging gameplay.

You can find this title on game shelves beginning in October 2018. Pre-order from your Friendly Local Game Store now or through the Renegade Store.


Harness the power of your vocabulary in this exciting, monster-battling, loot-collecting word game. In Spell Smashers, you combine your letter cards to spell words, smashing fearsome monsters and their even more fearsome adjectives!

When you deal damage to a monster, you gain precious coins. When you defeat a monster, you collect that monster as a trophy ... and gain a new letter to use later on! But beware — as you battle these dangerous creatures, you receive wounds, which are difficult letter combinations that could ruin your day.

Between battles, visit the local town and spend your hard-earned loot to outfit yourself with powerful gear, take on new quests, buy devious potions, or grab an ale at the tavern as you boast about your battle scars. Set your sights on fame and glory as you smash monsters with your spelling skills and rid the world of evil!



MSRP: $45.00
SKU: RGS0831
North America Release Date: October
Number of Players: 1-5
For Ages: 12+
Playing Time: 45-60 min
Game Type: Monster Fighting, Word Game


  • 1 Town Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 84 Letter Cards
  • 24 Wound Cards
  • 36 Modifier Cards
  • 4 Boss Monster Cards
  • 24 Gear Cards
  • 29 Quest Cards
  • 5 Player Aids
  • 26 Monster Tiles
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 30 Ale Tokens
  • 55 Coins
  • 15 Potion Tokens
  • 1 Tiebreaker Marker
  • 5 Ready Tokens
  • 5 Monster Crests
  • 1 Rulebook

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Kids on Bikes is Getting Powered Up with Dice and New Mechanics!

San Diego, CA (June 18th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Hunters Entertainment are excited to announce two accessories to the upcoming collaborative storytelling RPG, Kids on Bikes. The Core Book, Custom Dice, and Powered Character Deck will be available in July 2018. You are welcome to pre-order from your Friendly Local Game Store or online through the Renegade Store.

Ready to jump into the adventure? Don't forget your dice! The official Kids on Bikes Dice will be with you in every small town mystery. Back before we had cell phones, internet searches, and GPS locators, we had our trusty dice. This set of 7 dice will cover all your needs and help you jump right into the action!

MSRP: $15.00

 Disclaimer: Artwork not final

Disclaimer: Artwork not final

Kids on Bikes also features a Powered Character Deck, which introduces Traits for a powerful character co-controlled by all of the players at the table. Using aspects of the character from the GM, players will share narrative control over what the character does - and when they use their mysterious, dangerous powers! 

Players will more than likely need their powers to get you out of a pinch, and as you play more, the powered character will get stronger and stronger!

But be careful… using powers comes with a cost...

MSRP: $15.00


Upcoming Kids on Bikes events

Join us at Gen Con to try the Sample Module of the game run by our own GMs! We have games running every day from 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, and 4pm-6pm in the Event Hall. Unfortunately all events are sold out, but you are welcome to stop by the table and watch the story unfold!

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Game Nights will be Explosive Fun in September with Fireworks!

San Diego, CA (June 14th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ is excited to announce the next explosive addition to their catalog — Fireworks! This will be the fifth dexterity game in the Renegade catalog by Aza-Chen, designer of other adorably fun games such as Kitty Paw, Doggy Go!, Shiba Inu House, and Circus Puppy. You can find this title on game shelves in beginning September 2018. Pre-order from the Friendly Local Game Store now or through the Renegade Store for Essen Pick-up!

Fireworks_3DBox_RGB (1).png

A group of cats has been training very hard to master their profession — shooting off the biggest and best fireworks in the world! Although they are still rookies, they hope to become experts someday. Which cat can put on the most explosive fireworks display?

The goal is to collect Fireworks Tiles and arrange them on your City Board to create stunning displays. On your turn, you launch the Fireworks Die out of the barrel and into the box. You then take some face-up Fireworks Tiles from the box and place them on your city board. The game end is triggered when a player fills up their entire City Board. Whoever has the most valuable fireworks display wins!


  • Launch the Fireworks Die into the City
  • Create the most beautiful night sky
  • Action cards add silly rules for even more fun
  • Play with Advanced or Speed Variants
  • Purr-fect for 2-4 kitties ages 6+ to play in about 20 minutes

Quick Facts
MSRP: $25.00
SKU: RGS0823
North America Release Date: September
Game Type: Dexterity

Read the rulebook!

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The World of Overlight Shines Bright with Supplemental Material and Dice!

San Diego, CA (June 11th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ is offering more accessories for their RPGs! Overlight, the fantasy roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic journeys, is receiving some beautiful upgrades. In August with the release of the Core Book, players will be able to enjoy Deluxe Spirit Dice and four-paneled Game Masters screen, and supplemental sourcebook. You are welcome to pre-order from your Friendly Local Game Store or through the Renegade Store for Gen Con pick-up!

Herein you will find seven deluxe, over-sized Spirit Dice for Overlight — The Roleplaying Game of Kaleidoscopic Journeys. Like seven crystals mined from the mountains of Zenith, they are crafted in the colors of the Overlight and feature the sigils of the seven Virtues — Spirit, Wisdom, Logic, Compassion, Will, Vigor, and Might.

MSRP: $15.00

The world of Overlight is a dangerous place, and the path of the Skyborn is not an easy one. The responsibility of wielding the Chroma is as much of a burden as it is a gift. The ignorant fear the Skyborn and their enemies are everywhere. heavy-duty four-panel Game Master screen (with art by Kwanchai Moriya), which presents useful charts and information for easy reference during your game sessions.

In addition to the GM screen, there is also a 40-page sourcebook (with art by Joanna Barnum). This sourcebook, The Skyborn Order and Its Enemies, provides insights and details on...

  • Five major conclaves of the Skyborn Order
  • Having PCs join existing conclaves (or form their own!)
  • Some of the Skyborn Order's  primary adversaries
  • Notable Skyborn NPCs that GMs can weave into their stories

MSRP: $30.00


Join us at Origins Game Fair to try a one-shot of the game run by our own GMs! We have games running every day from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm in the Hyatt Champaign room. You can see these accessories in action as the GMs decide players' fates hidden behind a beautiful screen and the seven crystals are rolled across the table! Unfortunately all events are sold out, but you are welcome to stop by the table and watch the story unfold!

We will also have scheduled events at Gen Con! We have games running every day from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm in the Event Hall. Unfortunately all events are sold out, but you are welcome to stop by the table and watch the story unfold!

Free RPG Day is THIS SATURDAY, June 16! Stop by your Friendly Local Game Store to check out the preview booklet for Overlight.

As a member of The Renegade Society, we will make sure you don't miss future updates about Overlightincluding when we post teaser artwork and behind-the-scenes information! You are also welcome to join the Facebook group discussions, which are frequented by designers Paul Alexander Butler and George Holland!

Save the Galaxy (or get rich trying!) in Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!

San Diego, CA (May 24th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Dire Wolf Digital are excited to announce the first expansion to last year's Gen Con break-out hit, Clank! In! Space!. Releasing just one year after the base game, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! will be available to play or purchase at Gen Con 2018 or at your local game store in August.

The deck-building adventure of Clank! In! Space! continues. Small pockets of resistance continue to oppose Lord Eradikus, but the evil cyborg now plots to wipe them out with one grand and wicked scheme!
Thwart the efforts of Lord Eradikus!
Reap the rewards of noble (and sometimes reluctant) heroism!
Save the galaxy…. And get rich in the process!
Maybe you can avert the Apocalypse!  (Or at least escape with the treasure while someone else does!)
This expansion requires Clank! In! Space! to play.

Contents Summary:

  • 2 Double-sided Game Board Modules
  • 35 Adventure Deck Cards
  • 8 Large Scheme Cards
  • 1 Haldos Boss Marker

Quick Facts:
MSRP: $25
Release Date: August 2018
Game Type: Expansion, Deck-Building Adventure Dungeon Crawl

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Danni Loe Joins Renegade Game Studios as Associate Marketing Manager

San Diego, CA (May 20th, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™, a premier publisher of innovative games, is pleased to announce that Danni Loe has joined their team as Associate Marketing Manager.

Danni will be helping Renegade grow through promotional events in friendly local game stores, digital communication with fans, coordinating convention events, and a variety of other marketing efforts.
“Danni is a rising star in the board game industry,” states Scott Gaeta president at Renegade Games Studios. “She has proven to be professional, hard-working, and talented; everything our fans deserve and expect.

During her four years as the Sales Manager for IELLO USA, Danni gained experience in social media marketing, convention management, community building, and even board game translation by utilizing her French fluency. Prior to working on the publisher side of the industry, Danni was a sales associate at her local game store, Game Seeker in Santa Barbra, CA where she loved helping customers find the perfect board game. 

“I am so excited to join this team of superstars! Renegade has long been a company I’ve admired due to their commitment to inclusivity in gaming and their ever-growing catalog of high-quality games. I’m happy I can be involved with that!" said Danni Loe.

Danni starts her new role immediately connecting with fans and industry partners. Retailers can connect with her this week at ACD’s Games Day in Madison, WI.  Fans can meet her at the Renegade booth #913 at the Origins Game Fair June 13-18th in Columbus, OH!  



Prowler's Passage sneaking into stores on June 6!

Available for pre-order now Here or

Hobby Retail Stores across North America.

Official release: June 6, 2018



In the heart of the sleeping city lies incredible wealth.  While the gates to the city are well guarded, no one is watching what’s under their feet.  The dead of night provides just enough cover for you to tunnel towards untold riches to plunder the city from within.  Act quickly, as a rival thief has the same plan.


In Prowler’s Passage, you and a competing thief will burrow into the city through a network of underground passages to grab valuable items while attempting to gain control of key districts.   Steal the best items, create the longest tunnels, and control districts to become the premier prowler!


Contents Summary:

  • 1 Control Track
  • 10 Board Hexes
  • 27 Object Tiles
  • 5 control Markers
  • 4 Statues
  • 15 Achievement Cards
  • 26 Passage Sections
  • 2 Score Reference Cards
  • 1 Scorepad (and pencil)
  • 1 Rulebook

Quick Facts
MSRP: $35
SKU: RGS0809
North America Release Date: June 6, 2018
Game Type: Set Collection, Area Control, 2 players

Learn to play!

Find out more information on Prowler's Passage!

Be the Ringmaster in Circus Puppy this July!

San Diego, CA (May 4, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ is excited to announce that Circus Puppy is the next adorable and exciting release from the incredible designer Aza Chen, who are behind the smash hits Doggy Go!,  Kitty Paw! and Shiba Inu House!

Fans can also pre-order Circus Puppy now from their Friendly Local Game Store for delivery in Summer, 2018. 

As a member of The Renegade Society, we will make sure you don't miss future updates about Circus Puppy including when we post the rule book, and fun photos of the game as we get closer to the release! 

Pre- Order Circus Puppy Today!

Circus Puppy, the greatest show around, is coming to you! Help these dogs stack, balance, and leap their way into your hearts in this quick-playing dexterity game.

It’s the most popular circus in Animal City – Circus Puppy is going to perform! They’ve got all sorts of dogs, like French Bulldogs, Corgis, Huskies, and Shiba Inus. The show is about to start, but some of the dogs go lost chasing a butterfly! Seems like Dogee, their leader, has no choice but to let rookies go on the stage with the senior dogs. Will these stunk pups perform a great show for you?


  • 17 different adorable dog breeds including Shiba Inus, Welsh Corgis, French Bulldogs, Schnauzers, Pugs, Huskies, and more!
  • Perform with your favorite Circus Puppies!
  • Stack your stunt dogs to gather points!
  • Be careful not to let the poor pups fall!
  • Great for 2-5 Circus performers ages 6+ to play in about 20 min!

Quick Facts
MSRP: $20
SKU: RGS0822
North America Release Date: Summer 2018
Game Type: Dexterity

  Find out more information on  Circus Puppy !

Find out more information on Circus Puppy!

Find out more information on Circus Puppy!