Lee Moyer is an award-winning Illustrator, Designer and Art Director who specializes in classic illustration and design for Products and Entertainment.  Lee served as Art Director for Electronic Arts, Concept Lead for Hasbro, and collaborated with many best-selling-authors for his trilogy of Literary Pin-Up Calendars. He co-created and was lead designer of games Sanctum, Star Chamber, and 13th Age. His board game, with Keith Baker and Paul Komoda, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City was published in 2014. He paints more than a dozen posters for film, theatre, and musical events annually. He spent an hour every day for a year painting his series Small Gods.

Lee lives in Portland, Oregon and travels widely for work, gallery shows, teaching and lecturing.
He plays a mean game of Scrabble.

You can learn more about Lee at his website: www.leemoyer.com

Follow Lee on Twitter at: @LccMoyer