Kids on Bikes Dice

Coming June 2018

Ready to jump into the adventure! Don't forget your dice! The official Kids on Bikes Dice will be with you in every small town mystery. Back before you had cell phones, internet searches, and GPS locators, we had our trusty dice. This set of 7 dice will cover all your needs and help you jump right into the action!


  • Official set of Kids on Bikes RPG Dice!
  • Custom Kids on Bikes Logo on one side of each die!
  • All 6 custom dice arrive in a windowed box

MSRP: $15.00

Kids on Bikes RPG Details

Number of Players: 2+
For Ages: 12+
80 Page Full Color Softcover Book
Story Driven RPG

Find out more about Kids on Bikes here!




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John Gilmour and Doug Levandowski


Heather Vaughan

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