Congratulations! You have unlocked more information about Covert!

covert special operations back.jpg

Kane Klenko, the designer of Covert has published several other well known games in the past. FUSE, also designed by Klenko, hit the ground running last year in December and has grown like wildfire since release. Dice are important in both games, adding an element of excitement without too much frustrating randomness.

In Covert, there are six different areas you can place your dice. You have already uncovered information about Action Spaces and cracking codes. You can also use dice to collect one time use bonuses from the Special Operations Folder.

Placing your dice on the Special Operations folder will grant you an immediate random token from the bag. These tokens can be very powerful, allowing you to change the number on your dice, move around on the board, break turn order, and more. This space is perfect for when you aren’t able to fit your dice on any of the Action Spaces and a lot of the special tokens help you overcome random die rolls in the future. There is always something good to do with your dice.

Tomorrow we will have some big clues to release to you. They’re being processed tonight and will be ready in the morning. Make sure you aren’t late!