Congratulations! You have cracked your first Covert Code!

For each code you crack, you will be rewarded with a equipment that you need to complete missions.

For the mission on the right, you would need to have a gun, binoculars, and an Agency Card.

Breaking codes is one great alternative to Agency Cards for collecting equipment, but if you decide to use them to complete a mission, they must be discarded. However, if they are not used by the end of the game, they will grant you 2 additional points.

You only get one swap per round to rearrange the cipher tiles to match one, or both of your current codes. If you are able to match both in a round, you will collect both resources. You can also use one of your dice to help you crack the code. When placing dice, players may place them on the Decoder. If they do, this will allow them to cover up any one number on the decoder with their die when try to crack their code, thus changing the number to whatever the die shows.

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