For The Love of Board Games

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For the Love of Board Games explores how modern, popular board games were created by interviewing over 50 designers behind the games. Stories in this book come from some of the industry’s biggest board game designers: Matt Leacock, Jamey Stegmaier, Bruno Cathala, Richard Garfield, Reiner Knizia, and many others! Full of exclusive interviews and never-before-told stories, For the Love of Board Games is a must-have gift for tabletop gamers of all ages.



  • Discover the fun facts and challenges behind some of your favorite board games.

  • Learn about designers’ board game designs that were never published

  • Originally raised over $55,000 on Kickstarter with over 2,000 backers

  • Over 300 pages of interview content

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  • 306-page full-color book


Erin Dean


Robert Schilling & Manny Trembley