Congratulations! You have completed your second mission!

Here is the information you gathered:

Operative profile:
Carrie Klenko (AKA Karoline L., AKA Anita)
Extremely dangerous
Responsible for the death of at least one armed agent during an undercover operation.
Believed to be married to the mastermind we are hunting, Kane Klenko. Has been spotted before in London. She has several agents working for her and is able to move them quickly across country borders.
Keep your eye out for clues about her that can help us get closer to our target.

Every Operative has a special power that affords them different benefits. Karoline is able to move her Agents for free once per round.


Movement can be very important in this game so Karoline is considered very dangerous. Sending your agents to different areas of the board will allow you access to Agency Cards (see below). Each region will have one associated agency card at all times. By choosing the “Take a card” action with your die, you can collect an Agency card from any region where you have an Agent.

In this example, the red player could collect the card from the purple region or the green region, highlighted on the bottom of the board. Agency cards can be used in three different important ways.

These cards can help you complete missions by giving you the equipment you need, helping you travel to the correct spot, or by granting you a special one time use ability. They are very versatile, so moving to the correct place to access the ones you need is very important. Once an Agency Card has been collected, it is replaced with one from the deck. Make sure you get there before your enemies do if you want the available card!

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