What Gamers Are Saying About Time Chase - Review Round-Up!

Office politics can be serious business, especially when you’ve cracked the code to time travel and your colleagues are trying to use your invention to travel back in time and take the credit for themselves!

Time Chase is available in stores and is being heralded as an innovative trick-taking game. But don’t take our word for it!

Take a look at this review and overview of play by Chaz at Pair of Dice Paradise:

“I went into GenCon hoping beyond hope that [Time Chase] was going to be an innovative card game that lived up to my expectations. . . And it did not disappoint!” - Chaz

What’s Eric Playing? Well, he’s playing Time Chase and he is a sucker for a time travel theme. As he put it:

“This is a strong contender for my favorite trick-taking game.” - Eric

Considering Time Chase was Eric’s 504th boardgame review, that says a lot!

A hand of cards in Time Chase

Mike Hill of Tabletop Rebellion brought the game back from Gen Con and was one of the first to share his impressions of the game.

Despite his skepticism, he was won over by Time Chase:

“I will be bringing this game to all my game nights from now on” - Mike Hill

That is high praise, indeed.

If you want to see how the game plays, check out this playthrough video from Gen Con featuring Becca Scott and Man Vs. Meeple!

Time Chase is now available at friendly local game stores everywhere!

Ask for it next time you visit your game store.

What is the time-travelling vessel of choice? A star ship? A phone booth? A groundhog? Sound off in the comments!