Reflecting on Renegade's 5 Years: Scott Gaeta On the Victory Points Podcast

Early on, people would say, “What kind of games does Renegade make?” and I’d always say, “Fun. Fun games.”

- Scott Gaeta

This month, Renegade Game Studios celebrated its 5th anniversary! Scott Gaeta, Renegade’s President and Publisher, dropped by the Victory Points Podcast, hosted by Becca Scott and Jake Michels, to reflect on the company’s history, philosophy and its future, sharing fun stories along the way.

Here are a few timestamped highlights:

  • 3:00 - Scott’s storied history and journey through the game industry, including starting at a friendly local game store, and his work with publishers Decipher, Upper Deck, and Cryptozoic.

  • 9:03 - The driving philosophy for creating and designing licensed games, such as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

  • 11:26 - The philosophy of Renegade Game Studios: We make fun games.

  • 12:30 - The funny story behind how Renegade Game Studios started publishing role playing games with Overlight.

  • 15:25: Some insight into our heavier board games, including upcoming release, Paladins of the West Kingdom.

  • 18:30 - The story of one of our first big titles: Lanterns and how we partnered with our friends at Foxtrot Games.

  • 22:23 - Reverse game pitching: Scott talks about being a publisher who pitches game ideas to designers, and Gates of Delirium emerged as a result of reverse pitching.

  • 26:05 -Strategically using Kickstarter as a game publisher, and how Renegade Game Studios has used Kickstarter.

  • 36:17 - Looking to the future of Renegade Game Studios, Scott reveals a little bit about Vampire: The Masquerade The Expandable Card Game

  • 42:29 - Scott talks about Clank!, our history with our friends and partners at Dire Wolf Digital, and a funny anecdote about how he first played the game as a prototype by himself.

  • 48: 14 - What Scott looks for in a game, and what drew us to ClipCut Parks

  • 53:20 - A little insight about the internal development process and how Terror Below went from a game about meteors falling from the sky to a game about terrifying W.O.R.M.s coming from below.

A special thanks to Becca Scott and Jake Michels for having Scott as a guest on the show! Listen to the entire podcast and be sure to subscribe for more fantastic chats with people who love board games as they talk about board games!

What was the first Renegade Game Studios game you ever played? Tell us in the comments!