Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Community Fan Feature - Joey Rubino

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Back to the Grid coming to Kickstarter September 17th 2019

In case you missed it, we just announced the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 Kickstarter is launching on September 17th!

Through our fantastic community of backers, we were able to bring this game to life. One of the ways we wanted to celebrate that amazing community is to by kicking off a periodic series where we feature the Morphinominal fans in our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community on Facebook!

Our spotlight today lands on Joey Rubino - a Power Rangers Kickstarter backer who caught our attention with this photo in the group when he received his backer bundle for Power Rangers; Heroes of the Grid:

joey rubino fb post.png

Joey describes himself as “a 30 year old nerd who loves comics, games, and all that goes along with those topics.” He’s loved Power Rangers for over 25 years, watching the first season when it came out. “My Dad would put it on for me, give me a toaster strudel and I would sit there peeled till it was over.”

His passion for Power Rangers runs deep: he collects replica weapons, morphers and the Power Rangers comic by Boom! Studios. “I love that you take ordinary kids and give them the ability to call upon an ancient power and time after time they risk it all to stop evil.” Of course, given his choice of costume, his affinity for the villains isn’t surprising: “I also have to admit that I love the villains! I have always been a fan of the bad guys!”  

Cosplay is a big way Joey expresses his love for Power Rangers. “Building and wearing my Evo 3 Lord Drakkon has been nothing but fun! To see people react to that costume the way they do is incredible and so flattering!” His Lord Drakkon costume was completely self-constructed, and he’s worked on a number of other Power Rangers costumes.

joey rubino cosplay 4.png

There’s a lot of work that goes into these costumes as they’re hand-made. Joey uses a number of materials, including a PVC material that is heat molded by hand and sculpting clay. The fabric portions are custom dyed to match the costumes and the process is labor-intensive, but with his skill and passion, he can still create a costume in a short period of time, as he told us “I was able to knock out a Magna Defender suit in little under 3 weeks.”

A special thanks to Joey for sharing his story (and photos) with us! You can follow him and check out his cosplays on Instagram!

We’ll continue to find and highlight fans from within our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community, so be sure to jump in and share your passion for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid with other Ranger fans there!