Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Community Feature - Meet Louie Martinez!

In case you missed it, we’ve opened up late pledges for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2!

Through our fantastic community of backers, we were able to bring Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to life, and expand it with this wave of Phase 2 releases. One of the ways we wanted to celebrate that amazing community is by featuring the Morphinominal fans in our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community on Facebook!

Our spotlight today lands on Louie Martinez, AKA Daddy Louie - a Power Rangers :Heroes of the Grid fan who has been making painting tutorials for the miniatures in the game!

Louie Martinez with Jason David Frank

Louie is an active duty military member and the Video Director for the Circle of Nerds, a network that includes a YouTube channel where he posts painting tutorials. As he describes the network, “Circle of Nerds is an all inclusive organization for nerds of all color, shapes, and sizes. We focus on Entertainment, Education and Empowerment through the use of social media, YouTube, and a weekly podcast.”

Louie has been a fan of Power Rangers for over 25 years! As he describes his fandom:

I love Power Rangers for so many different reasons. When it initially came out my cousin and I would watch the show, play with the toys, pretend to be the rangers...you name it. I was about 11-12 years old at the time and here were these amazing teenagers on screen (and I was in Karate at the time) that I could totally relate to. That fandom just never went away. Sadly I have not been able to make it to any Power Ranger specific conventions but I just got to meet Jason David Frank a few weeks ago in Boston MA and it was the most amazing thing ever!

A selection of some of Louie’s  Power Rangers  collection

A selection of some of Louie’s Power Rangers collection

Louie is also a seasoned hobby board gamer. “I love board games and table top miniature games. Some of my favorites include Catan, Ticket to Ride, Clank!, Arcadia Quest, and Relicblade. But my all time favorite is Love Letter.”

Some of the Rangers Louie has painted

Some of the Rangers Louie has painted

We asked him as a gamer and a fan why he chose to pick up Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. “I was instantly attracted to Power Rangers because it combined two of my favorite things...Power Rangers and Board Games. Once I saw the minis though I knew this was a must buy!”

We’re grateful to all the Morphinominal Rangers out there! A special thanks to Louie for sharing his story (and photos) with us! You can follow his Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid content on the Circle of Nerds website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and on Instagram.

We’ll continue to find and highlight fans from within our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid community. We’ve also started a Renegade Painters Facebook community, where painters of all levels are welcome to share photos of their projects, ask for and get advice, and inspire each other!