How to Play Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne & Why You'll Love the Game!

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne released to friendly local game stores this week. For fans who love CCG-style battling or deck-building game fans who love player interaction, this is a game you’ll want to have on your shelf! Check out how to play the game with Dan King (a.k.a. The Game Boy Geek):

This is a game that Becca Scott loves: not only did she tweet about it, but she talked about it on the Victory Points Podcast (timestamp 30:23) proclaiming, “My favorite game from Gen Con is from Renegade Game Studios and designed by [Dire Wolf Digital’s creative team and] Paul Dennen: ETERNAL: CHRONICLES OF THE THRONE!” (No, we didn’t add that emphasis - Becca did proclaim it with an enthusiasm that we can’t capture in text.)

Becca wasn’t the only seasoned gamer who is loving Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne.

Pep MacDonald (who you may have seen in past episodes of Watch It Played) also checked out the game and reviewed it positively.

Now that you know how to play, getting into the nitty-gritty of strategy is going to help you win! Dire Wolf Digital posted several designer diaries that give insight into specific game mechanics that can help you become a better player (and more dangerous foe!)

Warping Cards & The Eternal Throne

Two unique elements in the game are Warping and The Eternal Throne, which twist traditional deck-building and CCG mechanics, taking the best of both worlds!

Pep mentioned these to elements in his quick review, but this designer diary by Dire Wolf Digital’s Paul Dennen goes deeper into how you can take advantage of these two unique elements to conquer your opponents!

Understanding Eternal’s Skills & Battle Dynamics

There are nine skills in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne. Skills are represented by bolded words, each of which carries a meaning defined in the rulebook and on reference cards provided with the game.

Seven skills create some interesting battle dynamics, so knowing how to take advantage is a key to victory on the table. Learn about all the skills and how they interact on the table in this designer diary!

Customizing your Starting Deck

Nine of the ten cards in your starting deck are the same as your opponents, but one card is unique to your deck: your basic unit card. Your basic unit card will help shape your deck and give you opportunities to capitalize on its uniqueness within your own deck!

Check out how basic units work and get some insight on playing with them effectively in this designer diary from Dire Wolf Digital.

Playing With at 3 & 4 Players at the Table

When it comes to CCG-style games, creating a game where 3 and 4 players can play without teaming up can be an interesting challenge to design for, but the team at Dire Wolf Digital found a solution:

You attack the player to your left, and defend against the player on your right. This multiplayer aspect keeps the the strategic integrity of the game and offers meaningful choices. Learn more in this designer diary!

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is available at friendly local game stores near you! Stop by and ask for it there!

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