Happy International Women's Month!

IWM - Team V2.png

March is International Women’s Month and we’re celebrating the talented woman who help make our games a reality. You may know some of them already from interactions in person at conventions or online through emails, but there are certainly a few faces you haven’t met yet. All of these superstar women are absolutely vital to our team and are a big reason our games have such high quality, from the production to the gameplay.

IWM - Sara.png

You probably know Sara already! As our Director of Sales and Marketing, she attends most of the trade shows and is one of the regular co-hosts of the Renegade Society Radio. She makes sure our games are front and center in retail stores and helps create the buzz around new releases online.

Fun fact: She loves animals and would love to talk to you about her dog, cat, bees, chickens, and poison dart frogs!

IWM - Jenni.png

If you’ve ever had a missing token or a bent card, Jenni has been the one working hard to complete your game as our Customer Service Representative! Her office is full of row after row of well-organized bins of chits and cards. She also helps set up all the pre-orders before each big convention. It’s no easy task! In fact, she may be working on Origins pre-orders at this very second…

Fun fact: She plays the cello and enjoys accompanying her children while they play their own instruments! Ask her about her musical cat, too!

IWM - Anita.png

We have some seriously beautiful games in our catalog. Most of that is thanks to Anita’s sharp eye for detail and creative ideas for design! As our Creative Director, she manages a huge team of graphic designers and artists to create everything from logos and card art, to convention banners and images like these ones here!

Fun fact: She lives in Costa Rica and has an outdoor office! The fresh air must really help get those creative juices flowing!

IWM - Leisha V2.png

Leisha is mostly a behind-the-scenes actor. You may have seen her at Gen Con (in the kitty ears!), but she otherwise works her magic by keeping everyone on a tight schedule as our Director of Operations. Missing deadlines is a no-go with Leisha around! When she’s not sharing dates and scheduling shipments, she’s facilitating production with our factories (sometimes in person) to make sure everything is exactly as we want it.

Fun fact: She used to be a volleyball player in college. We had no clue! It’s not like she’s tall enough to fit in or anything…

IWM - Robyn.png

Robyn is someone the entire team is thankful for. Not just because she handles all of the mathy details surrounding our finances as our Controller, but because she never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Handling the mathy details helps too, though.

Fun fact: She’s working towards visiting all of the Disney parks in the world! All that’s left on her bucket list are the Tokyo and Paris parks. Hopefully 2019 will be her year!

This hobby has made several strides in guaranteeing that gamers of all walks of life are welcomed. We can see that clearly in the amount of amazing women we work with in the game industry, from graphic designers and game designers, demoers and press partners, to retail stores and distributors. Make sure to show your appreciation for all the wonderful women who touch your life!