Terror Below's Solo Mode Brings Narrative Immersion For A Unique Gameplay Experience - Designer Diary from T.C. Petty III

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We love solo gamers, here at Renegade Game Studios, and many of our games feature solo modes, or are specifically designed for solo players, like Proving Grounds, the first of our Solo Hero Series game lineup.

T.C. Petty III, designer of Terror Below’s solo mode and developer for the game, was kind enough to share some thoughts on the approach to the immersive and solo mode of Terror Below, and why it brings even more gameplay value.

Check out his thoughts!

T. C. here. Developer on Terror Below and unapologetic solo gamer. 

Hopefully everyone is trembling with anticipation for Terror Below, a game where you get to explode sandworms by launching a Snowplow with a Potato Gun. However, if you aren't yet quaking with the intensity of the upcoming release, I'm here today to talk about the development and features of the solo mode that is included in every box.

I love a good solo game, but taking a pulpy action game made with multiplayer in mind and adding a solo variant carries with it some challenges. How do you simulate the ultimate randomizer (human beings), while also ramping up the excitement to create an engaging single player experience? And not only that - how do you do that in a way that players don't have to read and learn a ton of new rules?

Many solo players use the solo game as a way to test drive the main game before teaching and playing the game with their group. So, a big goal for most solo modes is going to be minimizing rules changes to core gameplay. If you could change one rule and have a fantastic solo experience, that'd be the best. Which is exactly why Terror Below solo creates the "Terror Turn" - basically a turn for the bad guys - which consists of rolling two dice. It makes resolving the enemy turn easy and quick, so that you can get back to the best turn (your turn) as soon as possible. And a worm is guaranteed to attack every turn! It adds some tense moments and a dynamic timer to the game, but also is familiar as an opponent's turn so that once you've played solo, it should be easy to jump into the standard game.

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But, on the flipside, when I play a solo game, as an extremely discerning game consumer, I demand something special! If it's simply the same game as the multiplayer game, well then why would I play the inferior version and instead just play with all my friends. That's why Terror Below has several scenarios for players to attempt, each with their own difficulty level. It gives you a thematic story introduction and a special challenge that only happens when you play the solo game. I wrote them too, so I think they're very well-written and amazing. Each new story is a race against time to complete objectives; whether it's killing every type of worm (for research of course), or delivering worm eggs before they hatch. 

I'm really excited to see players take on a new Squad of characters with each scenario and see how the different special abilities and items really shine when you're forced to puzzle out your situation. You'll discover some sick combos that will devour the competition in the standard mode too!

Sometimes you gotta hunt worms alone. I hope when you crack open your copy of Terror Below, you take a chance to brave the desert sands in the solo mode and truly test your mettle. It's been a rough ride, and it's about to get rougher.


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