The Fantastic Games That Premiered at Gen Con - Renegade Recap Day 2

Mandi and Becca in front of the Renegade Event Room

Gen Con 2019 is wrapped and on the books, and we had a hell of a time with our biggest and best Gen Con yet!

Check out the recap for Day 1 here, featuring Terror Below!

In case you missed some of the exciting things we showcased and announced, here are some highlights to catch you up, even if you couldn’t be in Indy with us! Check back every day this week with highlights from each day of the convention!

Fantastic Games Premiered at Gen Con - Renegade Recap Day 2

Gamers at Gen Con were able to get their hands on a number of exciting games (which will all release in friendly local game stores over this month!)


Hundreds of gamers got their hands on Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne throughout Gen Con by way of  demos, learn-to-play events, and picking up copies!  Designed by the same brilliant creative team who designed the Clank! family of games (Dire Wolf Digital),  Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne combines deckbuilding games and strategy card battlers into an intense strategic experience.

Even Becca Scott got in on the action, playing games with Dire Wolf Digital’s Paul Dennen for a playthough video and tweeting her love and excitement about the game!

Becca Scott and paul Dennen playing Eternal

Gamers also had the chance to get their hands the newest game from J. Alex Kevern. In ArtSee, you are the curator at an art gallery that is expanding.  While you have fine tastes, it is important to be able to provide the experience that your customers are expecting.  During the game, you will build out the art gallery with new exhibits among the four wings of your gallery.  With enough prestige, you will earn the right to display prominent works, drawing in even more visitors.  In the end, the curator with the most prestigious gallery will win! 

Both Becca and Mandi Hutchinson got their hands on the game and each had a fantastic time hanging out with game’s designer, with Becca interviewing Alex for a designer spotlight video and Mandi playing with Alex (and trying to beat him) the game for an upcoming playthrough video. (Be sure to subscribe to the Renegade Game Studios YouTube channel to catch the videos when they go live!)

Gamers also got a chance to get their hands on the highly-anticipated game Time Chase, which twists the trick-taking genre by allowing players to go back into the timeline and change the card they played into a trick, or even go back and change the trump!

A few amazing folks from Man vs. Meeple played the game with Becca Scott for a video playthrough coming soon!

Becca and Man VS Meeple playing Time Chase
Ranger meetup (1).png

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid became available to the wider public with its premiere at Gen Con, and Ranger fans were so excited! Not only did fans come to meet Jonathan Ying (whose other game premiering at the show, Bargain Quest sold out at the Renegade booth) but to share their Ranger Pride and paint miniatures at our fan meetup!

icarus gen con.jpg

The anticipation for the game was high as every Icarus event sold out at Gen Con within hours of being posted (our friends at Hunters Entertainment even added more, which also quickly sold out)!

Game designer Spenser Starke came and signed copies and met with fans, and even jumped into a few games himself.

If you need a reminder of how fantastic Icarus meld the tangible and tension-building kinetic element of tower building to roleplaying storytelling, check out Geek & Sundry’s Game the Game and How to Play videos!

Paul and Joanna Signing Overlight Ivory Mausoleum

Co-Designer Paul Alexander Butler and artist Joanna Barnum made time  during the hectic Gen Con schedule to meet with Overlight Fans and sign copies of the newest adventure in the Overlight series: The Ivory Mausoleum.
Our event featuring the new adventure sold out at the convention, with players taking their kaleidoscopic fantasy heroes into this adventure that can be played as both a standalone one-shot or as part of a larger campaign.

A happy gamer with their copy of Teens in Space and Kids on Bikes

The first copies of Teens In Space were made available at Gen Con, and fans were excited to grab a copy of the sci-fi roleplaying game powered by the Kids On Bikes system, with happy gamers grabbing getting copies ahead of its retail release on August 28.
With the game’s premiere at Gen Con, the amazing folks at HyperRPG launched their new Teens In Space show!

Mandi and Becca Jumping for Joy in front of the Renegade Game Studios event room

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