Origins Game Fair 2019 - A Renegade Recap

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Origins Game Fair is now done and on the books, and we had a fantastic time showing new and exciting games, connecting with gamers, and even teasing some stuff coming out soon! If you couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered!

Hot & Bestselling Games

We brought new and beloved games with us to Origins and gamers snapped them right up from under us! We showed off Lanterns Dice and painted up some Power Rangers from Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, built characters for Kids on Bikes on stream with our friends at Game Trade Media, did a first look of the game with friends at Twist Gaming, and demoed it and many others at our booth!

In the world of RPGs, we ran events in the Champaign room for Overlight, Kids on Bikes, and Outbreak Undead all weekend, including our special Free RPG Day modules, and we sold out of Kids On Bikes!

Speaking of other sellout games, gamers emptied out our stocks of Architects of the West Kingdom, and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game (both of which are currently available at local game stores and our webstore) as well as the early release copies of Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated - Upper Management Pack, Bubble Tea, Proving Grounds and Lanterns Dice! That’s 7 sellout games at the event!

If you couldn’t get your hands on these games, you’ll be able to get them at your friendly local game store (all either now available or releasing this month) or order them for direct delivery to you or for pickup at Gen Con.

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game wins Best Family Game at the Origins Awards

We were humbled by our two nominations in the Best Family Game category, and were honored that the judging panel selected The Tea Dragon Society Card Game for the award! We were thrilled to share the stage with friend and co-designer of The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Steve Ellis of Oni Games when accepting the award. (A special thanks to Steve for also shouting out Aquicorn Cove while on stage - we can’t wait to get this game out to fans!)

Previews of Upcoming Games!

We also spent some time with our friends at Board Game Geek to geek out about games. We chatted about Bubble Tea (releasing soon to friendly local game stores near you), as well as upcoming games you’ll be seeing at Gen Con that are available for pre-order now: Time Chase and ArtSee! Check out the stream below to learn about these exciting upcoming games.

Thanks to everyone who made Origins Game Fair 2019 fun, fantastic and exciting. A special shoutout to those of you who stopped by our booth to say hello, our fantastic demo staff who worked so hard to make it a great event for us, and the volunteers and staff at Origins who made the weekend possible!