Why We’re Providing Replacement Decks for Proving Grounds

A message from Scott Gaeta, Renegade Game Studios’ President and Publisher, regarding Proving Grounds:

We are so excited to be launching Proving Grounds this month. A talented team, including designer Kane Klenko, storybook writer Monica Valentinelli, and artist Matthew Dobrich, came together to create an immersive world and unique solo game experience that is launching our Solo Hero Series. It’s a remarkable game and we want everyone to experience and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we have discovered a problem with the first copies of Proving Grounds. Some of the cards intended to be in the deck are missing and instead have harder cards in their place. This does NOT make the game unplayable or unwinnable. It does make the game harder than intended, especially in Training Mode.

Any customer who has a version of this first printing copy can send us a customer service request and we’ll send a replacement deck at no charge.

We are currently producing replacement decks for all customers affected by this problem. The cost of this unfortunate error will exceed $10,000 for us to fix but we wouldn’t be okay with the game not being the experience we intended it to be.

The game will still be on local game store shelves on the 26th of this month, as well as being available at the Renegade booth at Origins.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Update for clarity: The deck we are replacing is the 30-card Enemy Deck in Proving Grounds. All other components of the game will remain unaffected and the new Enemy Deck customers will receive will fully replace the old Enemy Deck fully (no need to swap out individual cards).