Power Morphicon Recap!

Power Morphicon was an absolute BLAST! We can't tell you how much fun it was to meet so many Power Rangers fans in person. We were able to sit down with hundreds of fans and play through our game, get feedback, chat about figures, and generally geek out about how much we love the Power Rangers universe. It was so refreshing to see how fans took the lessons learned in the show about inclusivity, friendliness, and teamwork and applied it to their own lives.

We spent all weekend teaching Heroes of the Grid to fans and press. The cast from Hyper RPG played through a full game, facing off against Bones, Madame Woe, and Rita Repulsa! Watch both thrilling episodes here!

It was so lovely chatting with everyone during the show that we wanted to share a just few of the pile of comments we received from super fans that played through Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid this weekend:

"Great artwork and awesome sophisticated gameplay!"
-Andy Wilson
"I really felt like a Ranger."
-Addy Henrich
"I really enjoyed how the smaller achievements, defeating the Putties, contributed to a bigger reward in the form of a Zord."
-Wesley Wilkins
"The figures look amazing, the gameplay is fast and exciting. I can't wait to play all the expansion! It's Morphin Time!"
-David Bowne
"I like that it's easy to pick up and play and that you can mix and match Ranger teams."
-Wan Yai Quintana
"I like the cooperative aspect of the game. Working together against the bad guys really feels like the show!"
-David J. Ziegler

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