Origins Game Fair Recap!


Tuesday was a travel day for the whole team. We caught flights early in the morning to make sure we would arrive in time to catch up with everything that had happened since the last big show. The entire Renegade team works from home, so we enjoy any chance we get to spend some time together in person.

Once everyone was in town, we met David and Jeremy from Man Vs Meeple for dinner downtown. Dan and David geeked out together over illustrations we had just received for our upcoming releases while Sara and Jeremy discussed exciting collaboration opportunities for the rest of the year. We can’t talk about these things yet, but look forward to announcements soon!

Wednesday was booth set-up day. We have an awesome team of demoers who were eager to make the booth like beautiful. We worked together to lay the foam tiles to make our floor, wrangled crane operators to lift our hanging banner, and built shelves to store our many, many games!

After all the hard work was done, we spent the rest of the day learning how to play the games we wanted to focus on. There were many sessions of Altiplano, Junk Orbit, Tea Dragon Society, Lucidity, and Prowler’s Passage going on as we put our heads together and nailed down the rules.

Our booth also had a special guest! We made a special corner for Alfonso, a giant version of the first player alpaca in Altiplano! Matt, one of our demoers who happened to be assigned to Altiplano the entire show, brought goodies for everyone, including Alfonso! So thoughtful! Please note: Alfonso was not fed any Alpaca resource cookies. We do not condone Alpaca cannibalism at Renegade Game Studios.


Once the show opened, the days were a blur! We rocked a different game shirt every day, just like we rocked our demos!

We had three different areas at the show: booth, event area, and RPG room. The booth was where we held demos and sold our games. It was busy, busy, busy! Our event area was right across the way and had scheduled Clank! Tournaments and other How To Play events throughout the entire weekend. Our RPG room was a new addition this year, but worked out fabulously! Players were able to enjoy a quiet space where their imaginations could run free in the worlds of Overlight and Kids on Bikes.

We sold out of a few of our titles, thanks to the awesome job our team was doing!

  • Junk Orbit early Friday morning
  • Tea Dragon Society by the end of Friday
  • Fox in the Forest and Lucidity on Sunday

Several designers were demoing their games at our booth too. If you stopped by, you might have seen: Steve Ellis / Paul Butler & George Holland / Jonathan Gilmour / Kwanchai Moriya / Randy Hoyt & Jason Kingsely / Adam McIver

Psst! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages! We have giveaways planned for some fun items I asked them to sign at the show.

On Friday night, the backers of our Origins VIP Party for Overlight got together to spend the evening with the creative minds behind the RPG. Paul and George went over the world setting, game play, and their inspirations, while Kwanchai stared adoringly at his muse. Of course, big adventures require a lot of energy, so we all went out for a scoop of Jeni’s at the end of the night!


Saturday night brought with it the annual Origins Awards ceremony. We had four (4!!!) titles nominated in two different categories. We had our fingers and toes crossed for all of them. Our hearts were beating fast as the winning title was being announced, our focus pinned on Jeremy and David of Man vs Meeple who were hosting the ceremony. We erupted in applause as Ex Libris was named the winner of the Best Card Game category. It definitely deserves it!

On Sunday, the hall closed early so we could start packing up our booth and head out before dinner time. We put our heads and hands together to get everything done ASAP. By the end of breakdown, we were all tired (even Alfonso!), but we rallied and spent one last dinner together. Of course, we had to get another taste of Jeni’s, then while still on our sugar- and post-show-high, we played games together late into the evening.


By Monday morning, most of the team was headed home, but the Renegade staff stayed behind to spend all day planning amazing things for the upcoming year. We played prototypes, discussed our next big events, and developed plans and programs for our fans! We’re so looking forward to seeing your reactions as we announce things!

Our next big show is Gen Con! Our booth is going to be even bigger and better!! In fact, we’ll have two spaces. Our booth in the Exhibit Hall is #2209, at the corner of the Family Fun Pavilion. However, we’ll also have a large area in the Event Hall. This is where you’ll need to come to pick up your Gen Con Pre-Orders! We’ll be doing sales in our booth, but since by preordering, you’ve already paid for your items and no longer need to stand in line, go straight to the Event Hall to grab your games!

We hope to see you there!