PAX Unplugged 2018 Recap!


We just got back from PAX Unplugged 2018 - our last show of the year! It was a fantastic way to wrap up the year. What could be better than playing and teaching games to friends new and old? As you saw in our Guide to Renegade at PAX Unplugged, we had a lot of exciting things going on at the booth.

We had several designers at the booth! Paul Alexander Butler with Overlight, Daniel Solis with Junk Orbit, Shannon Kelly with Lucidity, and the whole team of creative forces behind Kids on Bikes - Heather K. Vaughn, Doug Levandowski, and Jonathan Gilmour! They were so happy to say hi to fans and deck out their games with custom messages!

We had so many demo tables at our booth and they were always full! Our awesome team of demoers kicked butt at making sure every person at their table had a great experience learning new games. Pictured above are Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, Spell Smashers, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, Arboretum, Spy Club, and Overlight.


Our sales team also did a great job promoting all our awesome new titles. We sold out of some games on the first day of the show! So many players walked away from our booth with pins, promos, and new games, we saw Renegade shopping bags all across the Exhibit Hall!

If you missed the exciting announcement during the Penny Arcade panel, watch the video above! Clank: Legacy - Acquisitions Incorporated will be releasing next year!

All in all, we are excited to see PAX Unplugged continue growing and improving. You’ll see us here next year for sure!